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Masino Extensions for PHPMaker 2021 Features

  1. Auto Version for CSS Files and JS Files so the latest version will be auto-loaded by End-Users without Hard Refresh (F5).
  2. Save the last status of Search Panel and auto load it in next load page, including the setting options.
  3. Better look and feel for Tabs Component, including Detail Preview Row and Detail Preview Overlay; it is now more eye-catchy.
  4. Better look and feel for Form controls focus; no more thick outline from original Bootstrap 4. It is now simpler.
  5. White background area for Form in Add, Edit, Update, View, and Search pages; it is now more eye-catchy.
  6. Better look and feel for the selected Menu Item and Its Parent; no more too much padding space.
  7. Beautiful Font using Local Google Font (Poppins); no need to connect to Internet in order to use it.
  8. Save the last status of Sidebar; whether expanded or collapsed, and use it in future nicely.
  9. Smart auto-collapsed (off-canvas) Sidebar in Tablet and Phone screen/mode.
  10. Improve the left margin of Cookies Consent section, especially when Mini Sidebar is being displayed.
  11. Allow to display Empty Table when there are no records in List and Detail Preview pages.
  12. Auto clear active user session for logged-in user if not logout properly (for example when electricity off).
  13. Beautiful alert dialog and simple sticky alert note using Alertify Alert and Notification System.
  14. Dynamic Permission for Export Data feature can be managed from the generated User Privileges (userpriv.php) page.
  15. Setting Options for Asking on Add, Edit, Delete, and Update using Alertify Confirmation dialog.
  16. Improve the alignment of Label in Form, from Left to Right; so now will be more eye-catching.
  17. Cancel Confirmation dialog message in Grid-Add and Grid-Edit mode if the values are changed.
  18. Auto show icon for Scroll to Top when the page has been scrolled down.
  19. New simple Printer Friendly version, with Courier New font, support style in Row_Rendered.
  20. Page Size position option; whether at Left or at Right of the Paging section.
  21. New Label Caption alignment on Add/Edit form, now Right align.
  22. Auto link to Application Root URL in Application Title/Logo if the setting is empty.
  23. Complete customization for Arrow Direction of Paging in RTL (Right-To-Left) layout.
  24. Improve Modal Dialog for Add/Edit, now cannot be closed without having to click on Submit or Cancel button.
  25. Option to Always Compare Root URL, useful to separate Development and Production version.
  26. Improve Paging for RTL Layout, both for normal List/View/Edit page and for Detail Preview Row and Detail Preview Overlay.
  27. The ability of moving Cursor to next Field by using Enter key.
  28. Maximum selected records that can be chosen from Page Size of List page.
  29. Improve the failure message with auto-update-time info when account is locked after Maximum Login Retry is exceeded.
  30. Save the Date and Time of user successfully last login and logout.
  31. Help Online link in all pages, now uses lazy loading, only loaded when needed. Supports also to be displayed in pages that inside Modal dialog window, such as Login, Change Password, Forgot Password, Add, Edit, and so forth.
  32. About Us link on footer which will display About Us information; also uses lazy loading.
  33. Terms Conditions link on footer which will display Terms and Conditions information; also uses lazy loading.
  34. Improved User Profile dropdown on Header, it is now more beautiful.
  35. Option to display Terms and Conditions in Registration Page including Checkbox I Agree.
  36. Link to generate Terms and Conditions content into PDF file.
  37. Improve Change Password template file so that compatible with multi-language feature.
  38. New option to change password based on Username and/or Email.
  39. New option to implement Password Policy in Registration and Change Password pages.
  40. New option to reset Password besides only based on Email, now based on Username AND Email, or based on Username only.
  41. Subject in Email template now includes the Application Title; very useful to distinguish among many web applications.
  42. Visitor Statistics, based on browser, OS, hourly, dayly, monthly, and yearly.
  43. Calendar Scheduler from, supports CRUD via Modal dialog window and drag-and-drop event, and also searching for events.
  44. Custom enhanced Breadcrumb Links with unlimited depth; supports multi-language.
  45. Manage the custom Breadcrumb Links using Add, Check, Delete, and Move forms.
  46. Fixed Layout with Fixed Header position that supports also for Phone and Mobile mode.
  47. Move grid button to Preview Other Options area in order to save more space below the table.
  48. Current active menu item that has submenu now is expanded by default.
  49. Change cursor mouse to wait while processing Ajax and back to default after finished.
  50. Cookie Policy section is now handled by truly cookie management.
  51. Maintenance option with the remaining time and auto normal after maintenance end.
  52. Announcement option with the multi-language text.
  53. Remember the last position of the active menu item, and load it in future automatically.
  54. Custom Slim Scrollbar now supports click event to scroll to the top most or bottom of Sidebar.
  55. Auto format for Numeric field by adding Thousand and/or Decimal Separator while user entering the values.
  56. Supports onclick attribute in Menu Item via Menu Editor uses special syntax; see it in action by clicking on About Us or Terms and Conditions menu item from this demo project!
  57. Improved ExecuteHtml method that belongs to the DbHelper class for numeric value by adding separator.
  58. Added "elementsToRow" into the PHPMaker Javascript Framework in order to process rows in Grid-Add/Grid-Edit.
  59. Added "disabled" class to CSS in order to display the cursor with not-allowed icon.
  60. Improved the href of Dropdown button for Save and Delete Filter in List Page; no more "#" character!.
  61. Auto format for Numeric is now can be implemented to the ReadOnly or Disabled TextBox.
  62. Improved User Privileges (userpriv.php) page; by displaying the Permissions at the title attribute of each Checkbox, and re-calculating the actual height of page to support Scroll to Top icon.
  63. Improved the width of Field that uses Lookup Table in Modal Dialog to save the space proportionally.
  64. Improved the information that displayed in the Title of the browser's window by using the current Page Title.
  65. Improved Language Selector in Navbar; now by default using SELECT (ComboBox) style including the Country Flags.
  66. Language Selector Type is now can be adjusted via extension, whether LI, DROPDOWN, SELECT, or RADIO.
  67. Improved Menu Item that has long caption by automatically truncated the text and replaced it by "...", then add the title attribute to it so user can see the actual caption by hovering the mouse on it displaying the complete menu caption. See it in action in Trademarks menu item.
  68. Improved indentation of Sub Menu Items in the Sidebar that is currently open, now looks better and more eye-catching, where previously the Menu and Sub Menu Items are Left flat.
  69. Improved Quick Actions Link now can be adjusted dynamically using Language_Load server event.
  70. Improved Dynamic Permissions; which is previously only for Export Data, now implemented also for Import Data in the generated User Privileges (userpriv.php) page.
  71. Improved Debug and Page Processing Time, now uses Portlet which can be collapsed/expanded or closed.
  72. Improved Successful message dialog window, now can be set to auto-close after 3 seconds.
  73. Option to display message content using background color or not; now completely implemented also both for message that came from PHP and Javascript code.
  74. Improved Bootstrap Modal dialog now by default displayed in the center of screen, and also supports vertical scroll inside its dialog window.
  75. Improved Import Data feature, by saving the error message that defined in Row_Import server event into .txt import log file.
  76. Improved Preview Row via MasinoPreview17 extension, by adding SequenceNumber option on Table level, to display the sequence number on Preview Row of Detail table.
  77. Improved Export Data feature, by including sequence number in List page of the exported file. The sequence number will only be included if the Sequence option under Table setup is enabled.